Hi, I’m Toby.

I used to jet set around the world as a serial tech entrepeneur until finding my base in Switzerland. Before that I was living on Waiheke Island (in New Zealand) and in metropolitan Singapore, places which couldn’t be more different.

Why did I start “Modern Times Opportunities”?

Beginning 2020, I re-evalued my perspectives and wanted to give back some of my knowledge and experience to the groups of people who had helped me grow, in order to better connect them with each other. This was when I started this newsletter.

What do I write about?

My original degree is teaching and performing classical piano (I still love composing music) but my career has been in entrepreneurship (founder, co-founder, investor, mentoring startups and professionally coaching entrepreneurs) and in advisory roles (consulting for governments, corporations and private family offices).

Naturally, the topics here range widely — from historical, philosophical and cultural aspects of society, to technology, innovation, inventions and intellectual property (“EVERYONE is an inventor!”), all the way to researching the science beyond “the” science and most importantly: how we can look after our physical and mental wellbeing in an ever increasingly complex environment to live a happy, independent and fulfilled life.

I hope you enjoy my eclectic writing mix and if so please share with your friends. Meanwhile if there is anything you’re particularly interested in, do let me know — I’ve made it my profession as a Polymath to learn something new every day and plan to eventually address all questions directed to me by premium members over time.

Why subscribe?

If you’ve met me in person, you know that simply joy in life allows me to think outside the box, yet my pragmatic side compels me to find solutions which are realistically working now, or, can be made to work for you and your tribe in a reasonable time frame and with manageable efforts. In sharing my knowledge, I hope to somehow support your physical and mental wellbeing during a time of great turmoil.

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    When I cover general trends and subjects to be aware of, I do so with the aim to help you navigate “Modern Times” and develop a view to quickly spot “Opportunities” if, when and where they arise. 

Premium Subscriptions

Content of the premium subscriptions get you some exclusive benefits.

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    Includes podcasts and interviews with some real geniuses and combines highly strategic (but executable) approaches with concrete practical solutions for a wide variety of challenges we’re facing in our current world — many for which consultants would charge a fortune for. The idea is to make certain knowledge more easily available to a wider community of those who truly value such information, like to take their fate in their hands and work with it.

  • Founding Membership ($250/yr or custom)

    The founding membership is for those who want to meet me in person, to have direct access to my network or be introduced to people who can help with your specific situation in health, wealth, or just “life” in general. This includes an invitation to attend an event where global polymaths meet.

All premium subscriptions include thousands of dollars worth in discounts for products and solutions I personally use and cover as part of certain topics. Just watch out for the following sign to not miss out on them:

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You can contact me at tobyruckert@substack.com.

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Storytelling Polymath, serial tech entrepreneur, pianist/composer, inventor, advisor and founding trustee of scientific research institutes.