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The Renaissance Man

The Renaissance Man

This is the first clip in a Podcasts series with Dino Serrao who visited me in Switzerland for a few interviews.

Toby: [00:00:00] I'm deeply into research, into health into, let's just say education to a certain extent. But what, what to me is is critical that I never stop expanding those fields and having a level of grasp of knowledge in each of those fields. So I would like to one day become an example, maybe not now, maybe one day to become example of these old polymaths, you know?

Toby: That was there in the age of enlightenment - a Renaissance man, if you wish, and this is something which I would wish for future generations to pursue because it enables you to look at a particular problem from many points of view, which is what we need to get out of these many problems we have in this world.

Toby: Because you can't solve them with the same mindset as they were created. I think Einstein said that. So, you know, [00:01:00] I think having a more generic, holistic human how to say, knowledge , and hopefully a lot of people will pursue such a path. It'll help us to solve many of our challenges and future challenges.

Dino: Yeah, I totally agree. I think it will give us also the chance and opportunity to have so many point of views in life and aspect of life that we could understand a bit more each other and eventually solve many problem.

Toby: You know, the famous philosopher Plato?

Toby: He actually, he created a, Platonic Academy in his time, and they were the most foremost thinkers, you know and polymaths and you know, experts from all fields of science, [00:02:00] from politics, from you know, from the economy, everywhere from general society. They all came together to sort of, you know, exchange their wisdom freely and listen to each other and, and, and get a, a point of view that they may not have considered previously.

Toby: And it was a very rewarding experience. I think this is why that time brought about so much, you know? Yeah. I mean, new points of view and, and is still to this day in history, known as a, as a very breakthrough time in the last say 1000 years.

Toby: So to, to answer your question, what is my skillset? I'm on the way, because you never reach with this sort of aspiration. You never reach. You are always on the way. But this is something I would still consider one of my skills to look at a problem from so many different viewpoints. And that's why I often find Solutions that other [00:03:00] people may not even think about. Whether it's entrepreneurial, whether it's from an investment point of view. Now I do a lot in intellectual property which is very interesting because everyone has ideas.

Toby: Everybody is an inventor. Everybody is an entrepreneur of their own life. Once they leave a certain victim role behind. Which we all have at one point or the other. But the key point is if everyone is an inventor imagine what they can do with it if they claim their intellectual property.

Toby: Anyway. I'm getting sidetracked.

Dino: No, yeah. That's good. No, no, that's very, actually, very, very interesting. I love that. I want, I wanted to ask you now like how do you, like, how do you live? How do you survive? Well, not survive, but how do you make a living for yourself?

Toby: Well, I mean, obviously, you know, with an entrepreneurial journey that you have your ups and downs, every entrepreneur will certainly agree to that.

Toby: But you, you know, [00:04:00] I mean, once you build a successful business, you hopefully can, you know, also make a living with that business or else you, you take the experiences you make from a failed business, which is never really failed because you can take those experiences and you try again.

Toby: So one thing is I have of course, you know, my own business. And as I mentioned, it's now in the field of intellectual property, where I help others to become inventors or I help businesses and even governments to leverage intellectual property as a financial asset which, you know, is currently not done.

Toby: It's considered an intangible, it's a bit technical, but if anybody listens to this, he'll get where I'm coming from and the other aspect is I advise fellow entrepreneurs you know, who maybe are in the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey, and you know, they want to hear from a elder or younger brother, whatever. Doesn't matter. And so this is the second thing. And the third thing is I [00:05:00] expand my horizon often different fields of knowledge, whether it's in health whether it's in, I would say technologies pertaining to better nature. And yeah, I think these are the areas I'm currently focusing.

Dino: Okay. Okay. That's very, that's very good.

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