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DIY Medicine

While recording “You Are What You Eat” and writing “Time to Heal Thyself”, I wondered what the future of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Medicine could potentially look like, especially given the context of a Global Health Agenda being developed without most doctors or patients understanding its consequences and without their respective consent.

Therefore I’m very happy to have won Dr. Hartmut Fischer as my podcast guest for this episode. Hartmut is very well known for his “health toolkit” which he has developed as part of his “medicine to make yourself” approach which he presents in various books and teaches in many classes (online and offline) for many years.

Several of the forgotten treasures I had mentioned in my earlier article about this subject stem from his research and the applied knowledge and experience working with these substances.

I hope you’ll enjoy this [GERMAN] podcast and for those who are premium members, you can also see the full video including [ENGLISH] subtitles as follows:

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