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The Beauty of Light

The Beauty of Light

Mysteries and secrets just waiting to be unveiled.

As Dr. Alexander Wunsch is one of the world’s foremost experts (as a doctor, scientist, inventor and by personal experimentation) in the field of light, color, sound and the coherence that goes with it, this podcast was originally intended to be all about light and its effect on health and wellbeing.

However, and as the listener will undoubtedly recognize — the conversation you are about to witness has taken us much further than we had originally anticipated and includes questions such as:

  • If “higher octaves” of audible sound (Hz-KHz range) can become light (THz range) — is light a sound wave or sound a light wave?

  • How do certain diseases shift their appearance and symptoms when being treated? Why forcing them into submission sometimes makes things worse?

  • Does the quality and quantity of the visible as well as the invisible light spectrum ultimately affect our ability to learn, evolve and fulfill our potential?

  • How does light influence and control humans (and other organisms)? What happens when there are no biologically valuable light sources available?

  • Is there an ideal frequency and state of mind for our brains to learn and absorb new information and easily remember them later without feeling stressed?

  • Why are important inventions often made simultaneously, yet by physically distanced and independent people?

  • Where is intelligence coming from and how can it be defined?

  • What is life? Must a life form always be confined to having some sort of DNA?

These are just some of the incredibly deep subjects raised during our conversation which is why I thoroughly encourage you to take the time and listen to it in full.


PS: If you’d like to first take a quick refresher on what an electromagnetic wave is, how it appears and how it interacts with matter prior to listening to this episode, I can recommend watching this 12 minute video by ScienceClic on “The origin of Electromagnetic waves, and why they behave as they do”:

Podcast Highlights

Alexander has been very kind in sharing quite personal experiences as part of this podcast which is one of the reasons I strongly recommend listening to it before continuing this article. For those who prefer reading though, I wanted to capture a few of the highlights that emerged during the conversation in writing:

A surprise moment for me was when we both (perhaps coincidentally) realized that humans really are designed as “full spectrum beings” — equipped with sensors and antennas that facilitate detection, absorption, processing and transmitting of all wavelengths the entire electromagnetic spectrum has on offer for us.

Light is perhaps the key medium through which matter is excited from beyond its observable nature. In fact it could well be that completely healthy (body, mind, spirit) and possibly even “enlightened” human beings would naturally realize their full potential by simply receiving and emitting such electromagnetic frequencies (“EMF”) across the fully available spectrum (in an ideal ratio for the respective individual).

“The melanin1 pigment for instance is not only capable of filtering the solar radiation in our skin, we also have loads of melanin molecules within our central nervous system and even in a single cell. The melanin molecule as a black pigment acts as an antenna for photons and each time it captures a photon, the energy can be transformed into a vibrational process.” Dr. Alexander Wunsch

Similarly, neurosurgeon and health educator Dr. Jack Kruse2 explains how we might actually be “hearing light” and turning it into sound:

This is in line with Alexander’s research who well over two decades ago had already shared with me that we have “ears in the skin”, a practical phenomenon that nowadays forms the basis for vibroacoustic therapy and vibrocymatics.

Another highlight you can listen to is at 44:40 where we cover how certain inventions are often made simultaneously by different people around the globe, e.g. the radio. Originally attributed to Marconi3 (who went on to win the Nobel Prize), it was later revised when the U.S. Supreme Court decided that the radio patent should belong to one of the most prolific inventors this planet has ever seen — Nikola Tesla.

Here is how Tesla described his magical process of inventing which he eventually evolved into a near-perfect revolutionary and multiversal general technique:

I took courage and began to think intently of the problem, trying to visualize the kind of machine I wanted to build, constructing all its parts in my Imagination […] Then, one afternoon I was walking with a friend in the City Park and reciting poetry. At that time I knew entire books by heart, word for word. One of these was Goethe's “Faust,” and the setting sun reminded me of the passage:

“The glow retreats, done is the day of toil;
It yonder hastes, new fields of life exploring;
Ah, that no wing can lift me from the soil,
Upon its track to follow, follow soaring!”

Even while I was speaking these glorious words, the vision of my induction motor, complete, perfect, operable, came into my mind like a flash. I drew with a stick on the sand the vision I had seen. They were the same diagrams I was to show six years later before the American Institute of Electrical Engineers.

It’s almost as if Tesla was able to tap into some kind of universal field that once he went in resonance with, provided him with a flash of inspiration so strong and clear that it contained the entirety of the information needed to manifest the invention which could solve the problem he set out to address.

Similarly, Alexander shared that while he was searching for the ideal brain waves to intercept and absorb new information, he first came across “Schumann Resonators”4 and believed that if he’d combine certain types of frequencies into a device (which he’d eventually call the Brainman5), this could then trigger his inventor spirit and further bring his inherent abilities to life. Indeed after using it, he found himself in a similar situation as Tesla had described it:

“My ability to invent things happened after [using the Brainman]. It felt like falling asleep or going into a trance state — I did not sleep but from the outside it would have looked like I’m sleeping. My brain was highly active though, I was kind of flying through a structure and was really impressed by the structure and experienced it by flying through its different layers. Two or three days later I created a lamp with a design that resembled that particular structure. For sure I can say that the application of these electro-magnetic impulses improved some of my brain functions significantly.” — Dr. Alexander Wunsch

Perhaps such experiences while inventing are equivalent to the pure bliss certain people feel when reaching the theta state in deep meditations?



September 28, 2023

In any case we can observe a commonality between the two examples shared— an inventor has to be somewhat dissatisfied by the way things are, in order to “intent” for a better way. Or as Dr. Wunsch in the Podcast had put it:

Every a molecule, atom or even photon must subordinate itself to the thermodynamic law of entropy increase, i.e. the transformation of order into chaos — the processes of life are the key to at least partially reversing this physically pre-programmed direction.

Perhaps anything which we could consider a life form has to be able to invert this direction and create order from chaos, whether it’s in the organic or anorganic world. The crucial aspect is to increase order using the energy flow (the entity or being) is embedded in.

For instance if plants want to grow against gravity, they have to “surf” on a wave which has the opposite direction of growth. Sunlight gives direction but it’s kind of opposite to the rotation of the matter, so the plant is surfing against “gravity”.

Alexander’s philosophy on how we could have lives with less dissatisfactions and disorders is actually quite simple:

Create an environment that offers a harmonious state of coherence. Taking a color or sun bath, relaxing on a sound table, etc. is pure pleasure to most of us. It feels cozy, comfortable, good and natural. And if something feels good, there is no need to apply force to repeat doing it. The probability that people want to do it again and again is pretty high and such voluntary action is very desirable as the key to all these biophysical interventions is that you have to do them on a regular basis.

I couldn’t agree more.

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Entangling Facts about Light

If the following background to today’s episode is too much information, I still encourage you to at least listen to the podcast alone. Dr. Alexander Wunsch is one of the foremost experts on light and health globally and you simply don’t want to miss this conversation with him.

That said, our conversation inspired me to dig deeper into this very fascinating subject of light. After all, it’s probably one of the most mysterious and elusive elements of life:

  • Right or wrong, but we measure distance in outer space in “light” years.

  • Stars which are light years away (or since long gone) still shine in our night skies.

  • Life emerges from light. Without light, there would be no life on Earth. Latest research also shows that under certain circumstances light can respond to magnetism and control quantum materials.6

  • It is well known that without enough good light, we can become depressed or get the winter blues. On the other hand photobiomodulation and medical laser therapies hold many promises and cures for currently hopeless diseases.

  • Laser light also splits new subatomic particles, redirects lightning bolts and serves as tractor beams.7 A new observed effect even makes atoms transparent to certain frequencies of light.8

  • Research around photonic crystals and their interaction with light raises new questions around “Pseudogravity”9 with major breakthroughs expected for better understanding gravitational effects and finding new pathways in graviton physics.

  • And did you know that the light in an optical chip can transmit almost twice the amount of data as the entire internet in just one second?

Yet, we understand so little about light’s fundamental nature — “entanglement”. Latest research shows that light waves interfere with themselves in time as well as space. Essentially: light is interfering with its own past.

“Enlightenment is when you can control light's entanglements without being affected.”
— Sri Tejas

In 1801, British scientist Thomas Young carried out a 'double slit' experiment that has gone down in physics history: By shining light through two slits in a material, he showed that light behaved like a wave, taking different paths simultaneously only to interfere in predictable ways once they recombine.10

Now, a team led by Imperial College London physicists has performed the experiment using ‘slits’ in time rather than space. They achieved this by firing light through a material that changes its properties in femtoseconds (quadrillionth of a second), only allowing light to pass through at specific times in quick succession.11

“Our experiment reveals more about the fundamental nature of light while serving as a stepping-stone to creating the ultimate materials that can minutely control light in both space and time.” — Professor Riccardo Sapienza

How to control such seemingly chaotic behavior of light? In a new study12, a team led by researchers at the CUNY Graduate Center describe a new platform for controlling this light behavior by tailoring its scattering patterns using light itself. Essentially, light acts as both the subject and the object in creation.

“In a cavity that supports chaotic patterns of light, any single frequency injected into the cavity can excite thousands of light patterns, which is conventionally thought to doom the chances of controlling the optical response. We have demonstrated that it is possible to control this chaotic behavior.” — Xuefeng Jiang13

Now is the nature of light really that chaotic?

In his TEDxTalk “Lights of the living cell”14, Ankush Prasad clearly outlines that we all (and any living organism for this matter) constantly emit photons and that these are not just randomly generated by our bodies, but serve distinct and logical purposes.

In fact the unique communication language of cells in living tissues has been quite elusive until now. Prof. Edouard Hannezo and his team from the Institute of Science and Technology in Austria were able to replicate the phenomena observed in Petri dishes, verifying a theoretical explanation of cell communication based on physical laws. But what’s really interesting is how well their model would work for wound healing in cells within living organisms.15

It isn’t only that cells are emitting light16 or that light could be the key signaling medium through which cells communicate, it’s also how our outer world sensory perception controls our inner circadian rhythms.

The Suprachiasmatic Nucleus (SCN) receives two types of input: photic and non-photic. It’s located in the anterior region of the hypothalamus and contains roughly 20,000 neurons. Its “Core” is mostly comprised of vasoactive intestinal peptide expressing cells and mainly receives input from the retina and other brain regions. As such, it plays a key role in controlling circadian rhythms17:

Unfortunately nowadays the negative effects of exposure to both blue and white light‐emitting diodes (LEDs) have just grown out of proportion18. Yet circadian clocks orchestrate daily rhythms in many organisms and are essential for optimal health. In fact restoring normal circadian rhythms is a potential therapeutic strategy for treating both cancer and depression and circadian biology is likely the biggest reason why our immune system responds differently to toxins at night. It’s also a reason I’ve opted to supplement with melatonin once a week or so before going to sleep — not as a regular procedure, but as a preventive medicine to better help clear unwanted or excess toxins.

One could also argue that more blue light exposure destroys our longevity and that many of the modern (often chronic) diseases that are flooding our healthcare systems stem from a tsunami of blue light in our work and life environments. Possible solutions include certain blue light filters19, special colored glasses and simply powering on the day with (natural) light and powering your devices off at night.

Dr. Wunsch’s primordial trigger to take a deeper interest in light was actually caused by poor school lighting conditions that focused on brightness only, however not on biologically valuable light. Despite numerous studies (e.g. Hollwich’s “The Influence of Ocular Light Perception on Metabolism in Man and in Animal20), that clearly showed how students performed way better under daylight vs fluorescent lights (which caused a significant increase of stress hormones in their bloodstream), the issue is still not addressed by most modern lighting equipment.

And it’s not only about visibility. Our organisms are trained for aeons to decode the information that is contained in the light sources we surround ourselves with, so why don’t we give (biological) life more of what it needs?

“Just as matter has a shadow, light has a reflection.”
— Sri Tejas

The Cosmic Architecture of Light

To me the science of light encodes all life and all that exists in the manifest universe as fractal mathematics of nature, also known as “Sacred Geometry”.

On some level life forms could also be considered fractals, as physics, chemistry and matter in general are fractal in nature. Even electricity is a fractal expression of energy in motion and because energy follows the path of least resistance (and best efficiency), roots of plants for instance could also be considered fractal expressions just like electricity.

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When we see the veins in our arms, they too are of similar fractal nature, just like our entire pulsating body, brain, heart, lungs, nervous system and everything that composes our human existence. The one force responsible for the “(in)formation” and connection of all such matter is electromagnetism, or “light” itself.

“Our current inability to truly solve the secrets of light allows its beauty to shine into the darkness of modern science.” — Toby Ruckert

In 2011, the Russian biophysicist Pyotr Garyayev21 (a pioneer in wave genetics) conducted several experiments modifying DNA using only sound and light frequencies. He and his team successfully transformed frog embryos to salamander embryos simply by transmitting the DNA information patterns through frequency alone:

According to Dr. Wunsch, our DNA is indeed a real master of coherence — with no loss or gain that could not be coupled or linked together in the wider DNA world. And whilst modern science until recently suggested that vast areas of our DNA are useless and have absolutely no purpose, I never believed in nature being so inefficient. Research over the past decade finally shows that this so-called junk DNA plays an absolutely critical role in mammalian developments22.

And who knows — perhaps this “Junk” DNA holds the key to one day unlocking our full potential and thereby not only activates our self-healing capabilities but also many other abilities that today we would simply consider supernatural. What if the right application of light and sound frequencies could tip the scales?23

Still a fringe theory now, but possibly future science will prove that the well known double helix is composed of 12-strands24 as opposed to the 2 everyone knows of. The 2-strand theory is the Watson and Crick version of DNA25, but constantly new and rapidly evolving research suggests that our DNA is holographic in nature, just like the universe, and is much more complex26. Already now scientists believe that our very own consciousness can interact with the whole universe.

“Our creative thinkers in the laboratories of the world must look primarily to light, which is the foundation of the universe, and to the wave, within which the secrets of creation lie, and to what electricity does with light, and to the why of it, and to the why of energy electrically expressed instead of to substances to perform tomorrow’s miracles.” — Walter Russell

And if anyone knew something about light, it would have been Walter Russell27 — who was one of the leading Polymaths of his time:

Images from Walter Russell's books "The Universal One" and "The Secret of Light"

Looking back at our constant exposure to blue and white LEDs today with the many unrecognized effects on our health and wellbeing, we could really need his wisdom. Perhaps it’s not just the microplastics why infertility and certain endocrine disorders (e.g. PCOS) are skyrocketing.

In mammals, males have androgen receptors in the core ventrolateral region of the SCN, while estrogen receptors in females are found in the shell of the SCN. Thus, circulating levels of sex steroids feed endogenous clocks through these receptors and influence circadian behavioral rhythms and the chronotype that selection will act on. Leptin is a photoreceptor and it is the hormone that controls human fecundity28

It may well be that our extreme use of technology in modern times (with screen abuse coming from cell phones over tablet babysitting to watching TV or playing games till late in the night) is why humans are going sterile. 

Chromo Therapy

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