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Molecular Audio

Ball shaped sound, music holograms and other Mechow frequency wonders!

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This week’s podcast guest is Kerstin Brachaus-Mechow, a very special lady. She has been protecting, nurturing and further developing the life’s work of genius inventor Rudolf Mechow for decades.

Mechow had long been in search of the perfect sound and only after many years of dedicated research, study and incredibly hard work succeeded at his quest. The following video (in German, you can activate English subtitles) tells his story:

During her journey, Kerstin discovered many unique health and wellness applications of the ball shaped (spherical) sound which Mechow had patented2 in the form of various audio systems, speakers and devices.

"Sound, sonic, tone and their very special effect on the cell membrane are exciting and promising areas of research."Christa Schyboll

Not only that, she also came up with her very own system of (audio) holographic frequency therapy that she now teaches as part of a professional curriculum provided by the Academy Klanggesund®.

Listening to the podcast you will quickly realize why I’ve given this episode the title “Molecular Audio”:

Only when sound is captured and recorded at its most fundamental (yet holistic) level, can it be perceived (and treated!) by our comprehensive human audio antennas and senses as good and natural as during the original (live) occasion, where we can feel the presence of the performer (or the respective music/sound) come to life.

The Magic

How does such “magic” work?

Well, turns out it is science after all and one that Kerstin explained during a very special event at the MSVP & Vedience Research Institute launch in India late last year:

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