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Finding Your Inner Voice

Finding Your Inner Voice

With the help of your individual groundnote.
Instrument: Veena — Image Credit: TK Dhamu (Pexels)

One of the magical knowledge encounters of my life happened while studying music at university. The teacher of the subject “hearing” introduced me to the idea that every human has an “inner sound” — which in rare cases can even be heard (albeit only in deep meditation).

Only now (and over 25 years later) do I realize the profound impact this practice (and simply knowing that such an inner sound exists) had on my life. From being uplifting during extremely strenuous times to becoming an inner guide towards realizing my true self, this encounter was as memorable as it was consequential.

Therefore today, I am very happy to share with you the latest podcast where my guest is no other than Gunda Dietzel, the hearing teacher from my time at university whose expertise I had referenced in multiple other articles before, for example in the chapter about “Potentiality Analysis” in:

Also in the section “The Power of Your Voice” in:

And finally during the “History of Meditation” in:



September 28, 2023

— which brings me back to the beginning.

I hope you will enjoy this wonderful Podcast and learn as much as I did!

My very best as always,


P.S.: For German speaking Premium Members there is a special (live) video recording from Gunda (see below!), where she explains the history and demonstrates some of the practices related to the Nada-Brahma System of Vemu Mukunda.

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