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AQ — The Innovation Grit

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AQ — The Innovation Grit

Toby: [00:00:00] People have their hopes and dreams and there's no point in trying to reduce them to anything. But just by sharing sometimes, the pains that you have as a, as an entrepreneur and as you know, you are an entrepreneur yourself, there are innumerous challenges that you have all the time.

Toby: Many times people picture this as a, you know,…

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Modern Times Opportunities
Toby & Friends
Welcome to "Toby & Friends" – the podcast for the self-curious. Here you’ll meet creative thinkers and doers who share their knowledge, wisdom and experiences with other listeners and aspiring Polymaths, covering topics relevant to our current times.
"If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room." Taking Confucius' wise words to heart, the idea of this podcast series is to exchange with (smarter) friends in a virtual campfire session, without sponsorship and no particular agenda, but in the true spirit of polymathic learning, simply by sharing knowledge and thus coming up with new solutions to the most pressing problems of Modern Times.
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