Is Common Sense gone?

"Thinking" is becoming "Conspiratunistic".


Since writing Modern Times Opportunities (and given certain subjects I end up covering), both family and friends have repeatedly voiced concerns as to why I keep putting my neck out there with seemingly contrarian opinions.

For me it’s simply an effort to re-learn debating different points of view and perhaps find new perspectives along the way. For you I hope that my topics help to re-ignite discussions which might have become almost impossible to raise with some.

Also, shining a different light during groupthink can make you stand out and even appear smarter in a room of otherwise intelligent people, independently of whether they share your views, or not.

The video above1 made me think how easily people nowadays tend to compare critical or contrarian thinking to how mainstream opinion pictures so-coined conspiracy theorists, thereby just putting the actual subjects in a box to close everyone’s minds, avoiding confrontation, debate, and thereby depriving us to collect our rewards in the form of learnings and the respect for each other that would naturally come with it.

Sure, there are many people who take risks in joining minorities (more often in private than in public though), however very few dare to stand all alone, potentially against all odds and all other “opinions”.


Only future history can tell the truth from lies and theories from reality. — Toby Ruckert

Given how many times (and for how many subjects) “the” experts were wrong and knowing that “mass” media firstly creates the content it gets paid for and researchers focus on science outcomes where major grants are available, wouldn’t it be sensible to dedicate more effort towards making common sense again more common?

It was once considered normal to naturally question everything we read and hear, including what I write of course. But looking at the recent (incredibly obvious but nicely colorful) manipulation of global weather maps, I can’t help but wonder how not more people feel inclined to question that narrative:

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